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Andrei Murphy is an insurance solutions specialist committed to excellence.


Industry Expertise

Andrei leverages years of experience to best connect families and stakeholders with the policies they need.

Client Empowerment

Clients need the right information presented clearly to make the right decisions for their household.

Community Involvement

Andrei is proud to be based in the Midwest. He is an active, involved member of his Des Moines community.

About Andrei

AndreiMurphy-desmoines-flagA dedicated insurance solutions specialist, Andrei Murphy excels when operating beyond the confines the cubicle. Driven by a deeply entrepreneurial spirit and a uniquely Midwestern work ethic, Andrei travels all over his region to empower hardworking Americans across several states to make the best insurance decisions for themselves and their families by sharing the information and expertise they need to do so. With a particular focus on the needs of senior citizens, Andrei specializes in a variety of insurance types including health, major medical, medicare supplements, life, dental/vision, accident, cancer, heart, and more.

Andrei operates predominately in rural markets and understand well the issues that face farmers and similarly hardworking Americans seeking to identify the best way to ensure the wellbeing of their households. He greatly enjoys helping people do just that. Andrei’s professional philosophy revolves around a personalized and sincere approach to each and every person he meets, making a difference one family at a time. This often means starting and maintaining an open dialogue. It is not uncommon for Andrei to share his cell phone number, so that he can be there to address any issues or answer questions as needed. It is, in fact, critical to provide as much information as is possible, so that his clients can determine independently what they feel is best. This, more than anything else, defines success for Andrei. The ability to file a claim and know that his work is making a positive impact for someone in his community is immensely rewarding.

Andrei’s work ethic partially derives from his upbringing. Originally from Illinois, he has lived in Iowa since he was fifteen years old. His parents instilled in him the value of putting in the time and effort to see results, and he takes joy in conducting business in a manner and at pace that reflects the wonderful place he calls home. This often means eschewing corporate-style phone calls in favor of sincere and genuine conversations around the kitchen table with his clients, a trade that Andrei could not be happier to make.

In today’s environment of increasing corporate culture, Andrei believes it is more important than ever to acknowledge local residents and small business owners. By fostering intimate relationships with these respected men and women, he is able to do his part for the community. Although big business is more prominent than ever, Andrei helps preserve local communities’ culture by doing business with, and perhaps even favoring, the mom and pop shops that are the backbone of America. No matter how easy technology may make communication in the years to come, he will always opt for face-to-face conversations that cement friendships and professional relationships. Andrei’s character and integrity are the reasons his reputation is what it is today.

Andrei Murphy holds a degree in business finance from the AIB College of Business.

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