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With Thanksgiving having just passed, and a variety of other holidays just around the corner, it’s safe to assume that our days are about to get extremely hectic, if they haven’t already. Our lives go from everyday, run of the mill existences to elbowing strangers for discounts, scurrying all over creation for gifts and stressing over whose house lights shine the brightest. And in this frenzy of familial festivities, we are prone to a variety of accidents and mishaps. And if things really get bad, you’ll definitely want to be insured to cover yourself from any outstanding charges. From vehicular to homeowner’s insurance, here are a few different scenarios likely to happen during the holiday season that will make you glad you have insurance.

Fender Bender

The holidays are synonymous with shopping, expensive gifts and all things commercial. For some, it is an exciting time, with the adrenaline rush of racing to Best Buy to get the last pair of overpriced headphones providing a great deal of pleasure; for others, it is a dismal season, having to beat the barrage of holiday shoppers in order to complete the most trivial of tasks. Whatever your personal feelings during the season, one thing is clear: The roads are crowded.

And on those crowded roads, highways and parking lots, there are bound to be one or more accidents. Mix that with the slippery conditions caused by snow and sleet, and the roads become a hotbed for danger. In fact, according to an article from WALB News, insurance agents claim that parking lot car crash claims raise about twenty percent during the holiday season. If you ever are in a car accident, make sure to file the police report and contact your insurance company as quickly as possible, regardless of your already hectic schedule.

Car Theft

While you’re out in the freezing cold shopping for an endless amount of expensive gifts that are sure to leave you broke, make sure to lock your car! Or at the very least, make sure you have car insurance. More specifically, you will want to have comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute, will likely assist in covering the cost of the car if lost or stolen, as well as the cost of missing parts, such as airbags or other mechanical parts.

In a report on auto theft during the holidays from NBC News, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that 9,600 cars were reported stolen during the 2015 holiday season. That includes Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With the incredible amount of car theft going on during this time, do yourself a favor and invest in car insurance.

House Fire

One of the holiday’s most cherished traditions is driving through any suburb or city street and indulging in the glowing lights decorating the many houses. Sometimes, we light up a nice chimney fire to keep us warm while  opening up presents or enjoying a nice family dinner. And while these are all fun and beloved traditions, they can sometimes have unintended consequences. Sometimes the chimney fires and decorative lights can catch fire, for a variety of reasons, and cause a family to lose everything in a matter of minutes. This can be particularly devastating during a time of year that is typically associated with love, compassion and thankfulness.

ABC News reported on homeowner’s insurance during the holidays and noted that the number of candle fires spike during Christmas Eve and Day, as well as New Year’s Eve. The average cost of repairs to a house is usually around $70,000. Simply having homeowner’s insurance, unfortunately, is not necessarily always a win. You must make sure that your policy covers the several possible scenarios that can occur during the holiday season, such as a fire or a worker falling from your roof while installing lights. It is also advised to make a physical inventory of all of your belongings and how much it would cost to replace them. This Kiplinger article can assist you in determining whether or not you have adequate coverage.

Damage from Snow on Roof

With the holiday season also comes the cold weather, cloudy skies and freezing snow. While the first two are relatively bearable, it is the third that can prove most dangerous. As more and more snow collects on our rooftops, it can gain a surprising amount of weight. So much so, that it can cause thousands of dollars worth in damages to the roof. According to an article from, Policyholders typically only share in the cost of the claim in the form of the deductible, which can range from $500 to $2,500. Admittedly, at first this may seem like quite a bit of money, which it is, but in the grand scheme of things, it is nothing compared to the cost of paying for a new roof.

Injury from A Slip or Fall

With all of that snow and cold weather comes an even greater threat: ice. Unfortunately, in most cases, the ice is far too difficult to notice and can easily cause even the most surefooted of us to fall. And while some giggle when seeing others fall due to ice, make no mistake, it can be very dangerous and in some rare cases, even fatal.

One of the tremendous benefits of homeowner’s insurance is that it not only covers damages that occur to the house itself, but also protects you from any lawsuits (barring negligence) that are filed against you were someone to injure himself on your property. Most policyholders do not realize this, unfortunately.

The holiday season can be an amazing time spent with your family, friends and loved ones. But, if the necessary precautions aren’t taken, it can become extremely dangerous very quickly. And in these dangerous situations, it is always wise to have some form of insurance. And never forget to go over your policies every now and then, just to refresh yourself on what they cover. By becoming a policyholder, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in damages.