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No one likes to acknowledge mortality. Death will inevitably visit each and every one of us and conclude our short time on this planet, but what happens to those we leave behind? Early in life, we are often so caught up with career and finding ourselves that we forget about others. We forget about who would be left with the mountain of student debt currently sitting on our shoulders. We ignore who would need us to supplement income so they can live comfortably.

It makes sense. The health of younger generations is obviously better than older generations, so why purchase life insurance? Why waste the limited income you do have on monthly payments that are unlikely to help anyone anytime soon? To ensure a future for your loved ones after yours is gone, and to do it cheaply for that matter.

First and foremost, student loans. Although federal student loans are often nullified in the event of death, private loans generally are not. In fact, should you reach your demise, your co-signer may very well be stuck with the debt. If you purchase term life insurance, however, you gain coverage for a stated period of time at reduced cost. By the time the policy’s term ends, the loans will likely be paid in full, if not close to it.

Additionally, many believe life insurance to be too expensive to purchase. Yet, this is clearly ignorance when we look at the facts. In reality, according to financial education website NerdWallet, a 30-year old woman who doesn’t smoke can purchase a $500,000 policy for $18-$28 a month. For such a low monthly premium, it seems almost absurd to not protect yourself in the event catastrophe strikes. For those more worried about their business, term life insurance also plays an enormous role.

Many Millennials are entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals, determined to blaze their own path rather than conform to corporate norms. In this vein, term life insurance can alleviate stress—and any entrepreneur knows that to reduce any stress is worth it. In this vein, key-man policies make all the difference.

They provide the business with the resources necessary to recover from financial losses incurred by the death of an employee. Taking into account the effect a single founder can have on a small business, it is apparent key-man policies have the ability to make or break a start-up. If you are serious about starting and sustaining a business, you should be serious about key-man policies too.

Although it superficially appears that life insurance doesn’t have much to offer Millennials, nothing could be further from the truth. It offers peace of mind. It offers stability—and it offers a future even if yours should be tragically cut short.